Operation Onslaught Coming to World of Tanks Blitz in May

April 30, 2020
Operation Onslaught Coming to World of Tanks Blitz in May

Wargaming has announced that Operation Onslaught, a brand-new battle pass made up of 40 different stages, is coming to World of Tanks Blitz.

Players will be tasked with completing battle missions to earn stamps (used to progress through the stages), while also receiving great rewards. Tankers will be able to enjoy four weeks of fun as Battle Pass runs from May 1 to May 29.

Two versions of the campaign exist: Free and Premium.

The Free Battle Pass campaign rewards players with a collection of in-game items when certain milestones are met. These rewards include: Days of Premium Account, Gold, Credits, Free XP, Avatars, Camos, and certificates for vehicle research, which provide a 25% XP discount for Tier VIII, IX and X vehicles.

The Premium Battle Pass is available for $5 and rewards are given out for every stage completed, two of which are the British Tier IV light tank, Covenanter, and Thunder, the Soviet Tier VI heavy.

Both the Free and Premium Battle Passes can be completed at the same time, so players can harvest even more rewards.