Old Skool Racer - a Community Developed Racing Game

August 15, 2019
Old Skool Racer - a Community Developed Racing Game

Karma Play announced Old Skool Racer, an entire racing game world designed to be developed in close cooperation with fans of the racing genre.

After the game’s initial release, the company is planning monthly feature updates based on community recommendations. To start this process, Karma Play is now hosting a Discord channel. This channel will host weekly opinion polls on the most requested game features and all future development activities will be based on the poll results.

"Traditionally, triple A racing games have always been developed in complete secrecy before a big reveal," says Biju Jones, Director of Karma Play. "We intend to completely change that closed development process. Our goal is to put the community front and centre in all our future design decisions."

The key game features listed are:

Speed Matters

Old Skool Racer will strive to recreate the sheer thrill of classic racing games such as Outrun, Screamer, Star Wars Pod Racer and Wave Race 64. In the game, players can choose from four different vehicle types such as futuristic cars, motorbikes, speedboats and hoverpods.

Real World Locations


Over 20 day and night locations such as Borneo, Aspen, Peru, San Francisco, London, Paris, Yosemite, Egypt, Nevada, China, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Kerala, Tanzania and Venice.

Game Modes & Leaderboards

In addition to singleplayer modes such as Quick Race, Time Trial, Stunt Mode, Combat Mode and Championship, Old Skool Racer will also feature several dedicated eight player multiplayer modes, achievements, trophies and a global leaderboard.

Deep Vehicle Customisation

Customise your vehicle's appearance using a combination of special parts, paint colours, decals and effects. Choose the exact colour from literally millions of colours using a Photoshop-style colour wheel. Completely change the vehicle's appearance using dozens of material types such as Glossy Metal, Iridescent Metal, Fibre Glass, Carbon Fibre, Translucent Pearl, Brushed Metal, Gouged Matte, Embossed Matte and much more.

Add decals from hundreds already included in the game's library or from your own image library. Create your own custom visual effects such as nitrous pickup, nitrous activation and collision effects. For the more artistically minded players, the garage will also provide a variety of digital brushes to directly paint on the surface of the vehicles.

Winner's Island


All race winners in Old Skool Racer are entitled to their own stunningly beautiful private island where they can relax by playing some mini games such as billiards or arcade videogames.

Winner's Mansion

On the island, winners will also have access to their own luxury mansion with its own bedroom, spa, gym and private home theatre. The mansion will also host a full 3D trophy room which will be accessible to other competing players. As the players win more races, they can unlock other features of the luxury mansion such as:

• Hundreds of virtual items including paintings, carpets, chandeliers and design furniture to decorate each room

• Setup the island and the mansion according to your mood by adding light sources and tweaking the colour, intensity of all lights

• Add visual effects to the island such as light mist and rain

• Stream videos to your mansion’s home theatre from your private collection and invite other online friends to watch together