Nintendo Switch Lite a Budget Handheld Switch

July 10, 2019
Nintendo Switch Lite a Budget Handheld Switch

The rumored Nintendo Switch Lite has officially been announced, it’s lighter, it’s cheaper, handheld only and it’s coming September 20th.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has been rumored for a while and there were a few leaks, now it’s official, it’s coming soon. It will be available for $199 and there are a few obvious changes. The most obvious one is that the Joy-Cons are not removable, it’s designed to be a handheld device and as such it also won’t be able to connect to a TV.

The Switch Lite is lighter and has an actual d-pad instead of the wonky directional buttons, and the kickstand on the back has also been removed. Besides those changes, the design hasn’t changed much.

On the more technical side, battery life is slightly improved due to a more efficient chip layout and the lack of additional batteries needed for removable Joy-Cons. The resolution is still 720p, but it is smaller, from a 6.2-inch display to a 5.5-inch one. An interesting change to the display is that you can’t change the brightness.

Some games will not be compatible with it due to HD rumble and IR sensors not being available. To fix that issue, you can use a different pair of Joy-Cons. Games that are not compatible with the Switch Lite will have labels making that clear and you will receive a warning if you try to buy a game from the eShop if it isn’t compatible. The Switch Lite still supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, and has built-in gyro controls, all previous accessories are supported by it and there is no performance differences between the original Switch and the Lite.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available in yellow, grey, turquoise, and a light grey Pokémon Sword and Shield edition. The Nintendo Switch Lite launches on September 20th, and the Pokémon edition on November 8th.