Nintendo Is Working on a New Switch Lite Model

October 2, 2019
Nintendo Is Working on a New Switch Lite Model

The Switch Lite is still fresh out of the womb and Nintendo is already making a new version, at least that's what the FCC filing by Nintendo suggests.

While most people just barely got their hands on the new Switch Lite, Nintendo filed plans with the FCC to develop a new model. The documents show that it is definitely a model of the new Switch Lite, not the original Switch.

Teardowns of the new Switch Lite show that the analog sticks are almost identical to the ones on the original Switch. With that in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people have reported drifting even on the Switch Lite.

There is some speculation that an updated model is being worked on to address the drifting Joy-Con problem.

Unfortunately, this can’t be confirmed based on FCC filings since the FCC deals with radiation output and wireless technologies, so any mechanical changes aren’t likely to show up in the documentation.

The other speculation is that the Switch will be taking the 3DS route, having the standard version, the XL, the 2DS, the 2DS XL, and so on. Which is something we honestly hope is not the case.

Since Nintendo didn't have anything to say about it, what do you think, are the analog sticks being fixed, is a completely new model being worked on or is this just an internal variant for development?