Nintendo at E3 - Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and Animal Crossing

June 13, 2019
Nintendo at E3 - Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and Animal Crossing

Nintendo came to E3 with some big announcements ready. The news concerning their biggest franchises were revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation.

Jumping right into it, developers from Game Freak explained how random encounters will work in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The game world is populated with wild roaming pokemon, but you will also have patches of tall grass with exclamation points identifying them as potential battles. In short, random encounters aren’t random anymore.

They also showed off the in-game battle system, Max Raid Battles and details of the Wild Area. The games are scheduled to launch Nov. 15.

Next up, Aya Kyogoku and Producer Hisashi Nogami gave a first look at live gameplay of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They introduced the deserted island setting and offered details about game features and the new crafting system. The ability of multiple players living on the same island to play together by sharing a Joy-Con controller was also demonstrated.

The game launches March 20, 2020.

Nintendo provided more details about The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening including how Chamber Dungeons work. As you clear dungeons in the main story, you earn dungeon rooms, they you solve puzzles by placing the chambers into specific layouts and then finally, complete them by adventuring into them.

The game also has amiibo compatibility. Which means players can tap any amiibo figure featuring a Legend of Zelda series character to unlock additional Chambers for their Chamber Dungeons, up to a maximum of five different ones. A new Link amiibo unlocks Shadow Link and allows him to appear in almost any dungeon room placed in a Chamber Dungeon. After defeating Shadow Link, players will receive a large amount of rupees.

The game launches Sept. 20.

Finally, Game Producer Takashi Tezuka announced that with the help of a post-launch update, players will be able to play Super Mario Maker 2 with their friends online.

The game launches June 28.

Besdies all of those announcements, a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently in development and we can expect to see more news about it soon.