Nintendo Apologizes for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Mix-up

October 18, 2019
Nintendo Apologizes for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Mix-up

Nintendo has issued an apology due to the mix-up concerning the Japanese version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE being based on the Western Wii U version.

The Japanese version of Genei Ibun Roku #FE Encore is actually based on the Western release on the Wii U, and as such there is censored or missing content.

To be more specific, the Japanese version has some more risqué content including several female characters in bikinis and more revealing clothes in general, the ages of certain characters were changed, and the Hot Springs DLC was never available in the West.

Nintendo acknowledged that they failed to properly convey this, and as such are offering full refunds to those who preordered the game through the Nintendo eShop or My Nintendo Store.

The game’s page has been updated to make it clear to customers what version of the game it is based on.