Next Battlefield 5 Chapter Heads Into the Jungle on February 6

January 29, 2020
Next Battlefield 5 Chapter Heads Into the Jungle on February 6

Welcome to the jungle. The next Tides of War chapter takes you to a completely different warzone in Battlefield 5 and the Into the Jungle trailer shows it off.

The previous chapter had us fighting on Pacific islands, including the fan-favorite, Wake Island. Now it’s time to take the fight into the jungle.

If ambushes and thick vegetation sounds like fun, you’ll love Solomon Islands, the new map coming with this chapter. It should work well in the Breakthrough gamemode, Americans start on the beach and then push deep into the jungle.

Besides the new map, there are some new weapons too. The first being the Japanese Type 11 LMG, and then there is the US M2 Carbine. An M1A1 Bazooka and lunge mines are being added too. The lunge mine is exactly what it sounds like, explosives on a stick, you can destroy tanks with it, but using it will kill you.

Finally, three new Elites are being added, the first is Misaki, a Japanese commando available when you reach the 40th rank. Of the other two, another one is Japanese, Akira Sakamoto is a Zero pilot and enjoys beating people over the head with the control stick from a plane. The US one is Steve Fisher, a pilot that looks more like a movie star, his preferred melee weapon is his trusty knuckle duster.