New Trademark Application for Mario & Luigi Filed by Nintendo

January 13, 2020
New Trademark Application for Mario & Luigi Filed by Nintendo

AlphaDream, the developer behind Mario & Luigi closed down back in October, but Nintnedo isn’t quite ready yet to let go of the franchise.

AlphaDream was best known for the Mario & Luigi RPG series, but they filed for bankruptcy in October 2019. The reasons behind it being sluggish revenue, and the cost of development becoming too much.

As it is common at this point, LetsGoDigital spotted that Nintendo of America has filed a new trademark for Mario & Luigi recently.

As you would expect from, the description doesn’t reveal much, but the trademark includes "computer game cartridges; game memory cards; computer game software; video game memory cards; interactive entertainment software to play video games; covers for mobile phones".

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Nintendo already has plans for the Mario & Luigi RPG franchise, it’s possible that the trademark was just expiring and Nintendo is renewing it to keep their IP secure.

We will have to wait a bit to see which of the two it is, but we’ll be sure to report on it.