New Payday 2 Update and DLC Are Launching Today

November 7, 2019
New Payday 2 Update and DLC Are Launching Today

Silk Road is the first new update since development on Payday 2 stopped, it brings a free core game update,the suit customization system, new heist, and DLC.

Payday fans rejoice, new content is coming while we wait for Payday 3. Development on Payday 2 has continued as a way to keep the company going while Payday 3 is being developed. The first new content is a free core update and a new DLC.

The Silk Road update is free to all Payday 2 owners and it brings a new Outfits system and six new suits. You can stay formal, go tactical or visit the circus, there is an outfit for every occasion.

The UI is also being overhauled to make it more streamlined and easier to navigate which I am personally thankful for. The UI really is easy to get lost in, especially if you haven’t played in a while and missed a few updates and DLCs.

Talking about DLCs, there’s a new one, well three of them actually. The first is the Border Crossing Heist, the Dentist and Murkywater are moving money and product across the border into Mexico, and you’re going to have to throw a wrench into the works.

Next up is the Cartel Optics Mod Pack, and honestly, I’m a sucker for angled sights and magnifiers, so I’m definitely getting it.


Finally, there’s the Tailor Pack 1 which adds 20 additional outfits. Well, it actually adds 4 outfits and each of them has 5 color options.

You can get them all separately or as part of the Border Crossing bundle for $9.99.

So, does this sound interesting enough to bring you back to Payday 2?