New Features Coming to Fallout 76, If You Pay Monthly

October 24, 2019
New Features Coming to Fallout 76, If You Pay Monthly

Bethesda has decided to add new content to Fallout 76 not through free updates or even paid expansions, but with a paid subscription named Fallout 1st.

After everything that happened with Fallout 76, you would think Bethesda would be careful when moving forward with it and not do anything that would get people even more angry. Wrong. Bethesda has decided that the perfect way to add some of the most-asked-for features is through a paid “membership”.

The subscription brings the ability to play in a private world with up to seven friends, which is something fans wanted from day one. There's also the scrapbox which is an unlimited storage container for crafting materials. And a survival tent, which is a placeable fast-travel point with a stash and sleeping bag.

You also receive 1,650 atoms a month, which you can spend in the (cosmetic only) in-game shop, an outfit, and some icons and emotes.


All of this for $13 a month, or $100 for a full year. In case you were wondering what else you could get for $13 a month, there is Origin access, Xbox Game Pass, PS Plus or PS Now, Uplay+ for a dollar more, Humble Monthly, or you can get a subscription for World of Warcraft for $2 more, which would get you an entire game, not a part of a full priced game.

You get the point, asking for $13 a month to give access to features requested from day one and sprinkling in a few items doesn’t sound too compelling when you think about what else is offered for the same price.