New Contra Game Shows up on German Retailers Website

May 28, 2019
New Contra Game Shows up on German Retailers Website

Konami is finally giving love to their older IPs, Contra Anniversary Collection is coming soon, but what is the Contra title that showed up on NetGames?

Konami decided to celebrate its 50th birthday by releasing Anniversary Collections that include their biggest titles. They already released Arcade Classics and Castlevania Anniversary Collections, each containing eight games and eBooks about the games and their developers.

The last one left is Contra Anniversary Collection, it’s announced to release early this summer, but there are still four unannounced titles. That’s where the listed title on NetGames comes in.

The listed game has a late September release date and a price tag of €34.95. Even though it’s probably a placeholder for the Anniversary Collection, why would it have a release date past the announced one and a price higher than the already known $19.99?

Is Konami working on a new Contra game or is this just a small mistake on the retailer's side, what do you think?