New Character, Buck, Joins the Lineup in Deck of Ashes

September 23, 2019
New Character, Buck, Joins the Lineup in Deck of Ashes

AYGames has been hard at work adding new content to Deck of Ashes. With the new update, it's time to introduce you to Beast Rage Buck and his companion Charon.

Buck is a brutal and deadly fighter, and his skills perfectly reflect that:

Berserk: The less health he has, the more powerful his sword strikes become. His attacks cause agonizing wounds that lead to a terrible, screaming death for his foes.
Execution: Buck weakens his opponent and then can deal massive damage. He earns bonuses from killing opponents weakened with this attack.
Marks: Call out specific opponents via special marks that act as targets for your faithful companion Charon. Charon, a cute and fuzzy kitten, quickly levels up into a nightmarish hellcat, complete with special attacks all his own.

Besides Buck, new character skins with special stats that change the flow of the game have been added.

It's been a while since we covered the game, and since then, a lot of things have been added.

• Consumable items: These are items you can purchase for in-game gold and use in battle for a boost
• Dungeons and Dungeon Lords: Clear the dungeons and defeat the Dungeon Lords on Heroic difficulty and earn rewards
• 67 new attack animations have been added for all monsters — the enemies feel more lively and dangerous
• Speed mode: All battles and map movements happen more quickly
• Economy re-balancing: Character and monster cards have been rebalanced along with the overall game economy receiving a rework
• Every archetype in the game has received its own unique, distinctive icon, making it easier to create card combos, especially for new players