New Call of Duty Coming This Year and More Activision Remasters

February 7, 2020
New Call of Duty Coming This Year and More Activision Remasters

Activison is publishing a new Call of Duty game for this year, and more remasters and remakes are being planned.

During the Q4 2019 financial call, Coddy Johnson, Activision COO, talked about the company's plans for the near future and to absolutely no one's surprise, there’s a new Call of Duty game coming out. He didn’t say much about it, just that playtests are going well and that they “generated excitement”.

Surprisingly, they aren’t expecting it to do as well as the most recent entry in the series. He didn’t say why, but they don’t see it being as big of a success as Modern Warfare was.

Talking about Modern Warfare, he did mention it sold a lot better than Black Ops 4 (no surprise there) and that it was a “double-digit percentage” increase.

We don’t even know who will be developing this new Call of Duty, but we can get a pretty good guess. The Call of Duty series has been developed alternately by IW and Treyarch since it first began, and Sledgehammer joined the rotation in 2011 working on Modern Warfare 3 with IW. Following the trend ever since, it’s safe to say the next Call of Duty is being developed by Sledgehammer Games.

Besides the new Call of Duty, Bobby Kotick, Activision CEO, suggested more remakes are coming. They are satisfied with the successes of both Crash and Spyro, and as such they plan on continuing to work on older titles. He did mention that they might not be pure remasters, and that they would like to build upon them.

Which begs the question, what do you think is going to get remastered next?