Need for Speed: No Limits - A.k.a. NFS Most Wanted Lite

January 17, 2019
Need for Speed: No Limits - A.k.a. NFS Most Wanted Lite
Image source: EA official website

We’re all familiar with the Need for Speed franchise by now, no introduction necessary. I mean, if your Saturday morning as a kid wasn’t playing Need for Speed Underground or Most Wanted in your PJ’s then did you even have a childhood? Most people would agree that this was the peak of the franchise and the latest NFS titles haven’t been as good as those classics. Although Need for Speed: No Limits captures some of the spirit of NFS Underground and Most Wanted with its car customization it falls flat in other departments. So better strap on your seatbelt kids, this’ll be a bumpy ride.


Image source: EA official website

The story is almost non-existent but let's face it you’re not gonna be downloading this to play for the story. You’re the new guy in town and you have to prove yourself to the rest of the racers and crews. And ummm...that’s pretty much it, I just wanted to mention that it kinda has a story. Ok let’s get to the important part and that’s…


Image source: EA official website

First of all, let me just mention how good this game looks. The car models are detailed and just look amazing. The environments look pretty good too, with great weather effects. You can even see the little droplets of rain on your car. The gameplay is very good as well. Controls are okay and you can pick from a couple of different options. You have tap controls where you tap on the right and left edge of the screen to steer. Next up are the tilt controls which have always been disorienting for me, not a huge fan. And lastly, we have the virtual steering wheel. It’s a little on-screen steering wheel that appears wherever you touch the screen.

Personally, this is my go-to because it offers the most precision when steering. Plus you can steer with either of your thumbs which is pretty convenient. You use your nitrous by swiping up and you go into a drift by swiping down regardless of what steering controls you choose. The driving feels pretty solid and is much like EAs’ newest NFS games, very arcadey, east to pick up. To be the best racer around you’ll have to master these mechanics. Remember, drifting and getting airtime will fill up your nitrous. So try to drift when cornering and then activate your boost to slingshot yourself out of the turn.

Now, there are a lot of different race modes and race types but they all feel pretty samey. There are 9 different race types in the campaign mode. We have the classic races, time trials, and all that good stuff. The problem I have with races is that they’re too damn short. I kid you not, some races last about 20 seconds. Also, the cops are extremely passive when they show up. They literally do nothing, they don’t try to ram you or box you in, they’re just...there. The only time they have an impact is when you play a race type called Blockade. And that’s because the whole point is to avoid police roadblocks.

Thankfully, the car customization is pretty decent actually. It’s kinda like the NFS game from 2015 titled just Need for Speed. You have those little dots on your car and you tap the dots to select the part you wanna customize. Considering its a mobile game, there’s a lot you can do to make your car look unique.


Image source: EA official website

Overall, it’s a decent racing game with good gameplay and amazing graphics. The microtransactions are always a pain in the butt but it's not so bad here. It doesn’t hold back progression too much but what’s annoying as hell is the energy mechanic (only here it’s fuel instead of energy because of cars and stuff). Due to its’ short races, the microtransactions and some sound issues that I’ve been experiencing I’m gonna have to give Need for Speed: No Limits a 6.5/10. It’s more of a time killer type of game, not something you can play for hours. For more mobile game reviews and news drift over to your favorite mobile games news site - GameBuz.