Need for Speed Heat Spring Update Adds Black Market

March 3, 2020
Need for Speed Heat Spring Update Adds Black Market

EA has announced a new spring update for Need for Speed Heat that brings players more cars to customize, tune, and push past the limit. The update will be added to the game today, March 3.

Need for Speed Heat will see new cars added to the game via a Black Market Delivery. This Car Pack includes a free and paid option that adds new rides, challenge sets, character outfits, customization items and vanity items.

During Black Market Deliveries, players will meet Raziel – an underground car dealer who imports two types of cars: variants of already existing cars, available for free and spanking new ones available for real money purchases. To get behind the wheel of the imports, players need to simply head down to Port Murphy and pick them up from a shipping container.

This opens a small narrative tied to the car where Raziel will ask the player for a few favors in order to receive a reward. They should complete the challenges to get visual customization parts for a new ride, character outfits, and effects fitting the car’s theme. Throughout the journey, players will also discover new events that can be replayed once the Black Market challenge is complete.

Need for Speed Heat also received several quality of life improvements, and last January received an update that gave racers the ability to plug in their own steering wheel, a chat wheel function and a Keys to the Map paid option to instantly reveal locations on the in-game map, including collectibles, activities, and gas stations.