MotoGP 20 is Out Now; Launch Trailer Available

April 23, 2020
MotoGP 20 is Out Now; Launch Trailer Available

Milestone has announced that MotoGP20 is now out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC/Steam, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. In the United States, the Nintendo Switch version will be released on May 5.

With MotoGP20, players can participate in the 2020 season, racing against MotoGP champions, or jump into the boots of a young rider, working their way up from the Moto3 to reach the topflight.

And – for the first time in the franchise’s history – the game is releasing almost two months earlier from its traditional release date, enabling players to enjoy the new season sooner than ever.

Building on last year’s critically acclaimed edition, MotoGP20 boasts a range of new features resulting in an even better strategic and realistic game.

The new Career Mode will put players into a pro riders’ boots, with an engaging and progressive gaming experience both on and off the track. Just like in the real MotoGP simply being fast on the circuit is not enough; players will need to make the best decisions to find a winning strategy to master the Championship.

Many of the features that made the success of the previous chapter of the franchise, return this year with a lot of improvements as a result of the precious feedback that Milestone received from its community.

One of the community’s favorite game modes, the historical mode, is back in a brand-new format, with full races randomly generated that players need to win to unlock and collect the most iconic riders and bikes.

Last year A.N.N.A. (an acronym for Artificial Neural Network Agent) brought a more fast, natural, and fair AI. This year Milestone developers further enhanced its capabilities, to allow her to strategically manage tire and fuel consumption, as real riders do.

Together with Stickers, Helmets, Racing Numbers and Lower-back patches, in MotoGP 20 players are also able to customize bikes’ liveries of their Custom Team, to race on track with a unique style.

Dedicated Servers for the Multiplayer mode have continued to enable a more reliable and fun online experience. Now, the dev team added quality of life improvements that will further enhance online gameplay in all modes: Public Matches, Private Matches, and Race Director Mode.

After three successful editions, Dorna and Milestone also confirm this year’s MotoGP eSport Championship, where players come from all over the world, with the challenge to win the World Champion title.