More Crusader Kings III Features Unveiled in New Dev Diary

December 23, 2019
More Crusader Kings III Features Unveiled in New Dev Diary

Crusader Kings III is an upcoming medieval RPG strategy game for PC by Paradox Interactive set to release at some point in 2020.

In a new developer diary for December, the team discusses schemes, personality traits, characters, courts, and more. In the video you can find out what's new.

When it comes to characters, councilors are given more control over what’s happening in the player’s realm. Also, one of the greatest changes is that Court Chaplains have the ability to fabricate claims on counites, it’s not random anymore.

Then, it’s been revealed that the player’s court is going to be smaller but that the characters will be more interesting and of more relevance to them.

Also, there is more information about the new Guest and Wanderer system. Basically, there will be wandering guests who will visit the player’s court, and stay there for a few years. The player can’t order them or make them do things for them as they are not a part of their court. However, there will be ways to make them want to stay and become the player’s courtiers or vassals.

The next developer diary is going to be published on January 14.