More Borderlands 3 Secrets Hidden in the Cover Art

April 16, 2019
More Borderlands 3 Secrets Hidden in the Cover Art

When the Mask of mayhem trailer was revealed, keen-eyed fans noticed a few hidden messages. Gearbox isn’t done yet, a YouTuber called Joltzdude139 found Morse code in the box art.

Joltzdude139 noticed that the box art on the official Twitch channel for Borderlands 3 is slightly different from all previously released box arts. There is Morse code on both sides of the Holy Psycho and when translated spell out two questions, “Where is the first vault hunter?” and “Who is the Destroyer?”.

As always, these simple questions open up so many more questions. The Destroyer is the final boss of the original Borderlands. It is possible that Gearbox wants to revisit that part of the story since players didn’t find the joke about opening Pandora’s “box” as funny as they did. Interestingly, not a lot is known about the final boss and it does seem like you actually don’t kill him. This also opens up questions about Jack getting the Destroyer’s eye, how, where and when did he do that.

The first question is even more interesting because we don’t even know who the first vault hunter is. In the first Borderlands Marcus talks about the Vault and how his father always talked about it, so it’s safe to say there were vault hunters before the original four.