Monthly Subscription Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes

February 4, 2020
Monthly Subscription Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes

So far Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Mario Kart Tour have subscriptions and now Fire Emblem is getting them too, I guess they’re working well for Nintendo.

The subscription will be $9.49 per month and it brings cosmetics and gameplay related things. The Feh Pass will be launching with the next update on February 5.

If you sign up now, you receive the Resplendent Heroes, which are reskinned versions of the existing characters, but they also have a +2 buff on all of their stats. Two are being made available during each subscription period, the first one on the 10th, the second on the 25th.

Besides the skins, you will also be able to use Re-Act, a new rewind feature that lets you go back to the start of your previous turn in case it’s your first action, or the start of the current turn if you already did something. You can use it as much as you want, even on the game over screen. The rewind feature is disabled in Aether Raids and Coliseum tho.

The last feature of the Feh Pass are unique quests that reward you with orbs and so on.