Mobile Gaming: A Lucrative (and Fun) Industry

March 7, 2019
Mobile Gaming: A Lucrative (and Fun) Industry

Mobile gaming has been on the rise for quite some time now. Nowadays, it's a multi-billion-dollar industry swarming with innovations and the most amazing achievements. Still, smartphones took the gaming experience to an entirely new level. Today, smartphones can easily emulate a fully fledged gaming experience that you can keep in your pocket. There's no doubt that mobile gaming is changing the face of the gaming industry, bringing the entire industry to a crossroad.

In fact, mobile gaming is so potent and strong today that it will influence and shape the future of the gaming industry in general. If we take a look at some statistics, we can safely assume that mobile gaming is the most profitable and popular form of entertainment. But it's not all just fun and games. In such a lucrative industry, there's plenty of opportunity for brands, professionals, and individuals alike.


The Power of Mobile Games

While all mobile video game news revolve around new titles in the mobile gaming, GameBuz brings you only tech mobile game news regarding the future of mobile gaming. With that in mind, we can safely say that most people used their phones to play music and read the news in the past but not anymore.

Today, the trend is to play mobile games whenever they can and have some spare time. We're not talking about teenagers only, no, we're talking about mobile users of all ages. All mobile users want a simple way to have some fun during the day while playing games. Regardless of their age and gender, people show equal enthusiasm regarding phone games and that is the main power of mobile gaming.

There's no denying the ever-growing popularity of mobile games but it's all thanks to the rise of smartphones. The mobile gaming industry of today produces revenue greater than any console and PC game. In fact, game apps make up more than 30% of all available mobile apps.

That means that there are thousands of games out there. No matter what device you prefer, iOS or Android, mobile gaming is all around you. There are phone games for every mobile device ever created.



Constant Adaptation

Just like technology is in the process of constant evolution, the same thing can be said for mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is about constant adaptation to new technology standards but also to the demand of mobile users. The more mobile phones get advanced, the more advanced mobile games come with them. That's the natural order of things.

That's why you have different top mobile games every year. It's all about what consumers want, about their convenience. That's the secret to why mobile gaming is constantly on the rise. It's an extremely crowded market out there so the mobile gaming industry is working hard to create an interactive and powerful community of consumers that will not only participate but also invite others to join them.

Modern gamers can now play games for a living as this is a very popular occupation nowadays. There are entire tournaments that additionally help raise the popularity of mobile gaming. Mobile users tend to download mobile games more than business or education apps according to the most recent data.


Plenty of Business Opportunities

Brands are starting to recognize various opportunities in mobile gaming. Every child with a smartphone has a favorite phone game. Each time you see new mobile gaming news, it's about a new mobile game that just came out. Working people take a break to play a mobile game they're addicted to.

All these facts just prove how much mobile gaming is present in every aspect of our lives. There are even mobile games used by war veterans in nursing homes during recovery. While fun and entertainment are at the core of mobile gaming, it all revolves around a good and lucrative business opportunity. Game developers are now well-aware of the fact that it takes less money and resources to develop a mobile game than a console or PC game.


All this popularity has ushered a new era for mobile gaming. This industry is now in an excellent position to house new spectators, gamers, brands, and characters that rival and could possibly surpass traditional gaming platforms.