Mike Ybarra Joins Blizzard Entertainment Next Month

October 24, 2019
Mike Ybarra Joins Blizzard Entertainment Next Month

Recently, Mike Ybarra has left Microsoft and his role as the Corporate Vice President of Xbox Program Management in order to pursue his next adventure.

Yesterday, he revealed on Twitter that he’s joining Blizzard Entertainment next month. He’s going to be their new Executive Vice President and General Manager.


As we all know, Blizzard’s been dealing with a lot of backlash following its decision regarding Ng Wai Chung, better known as “Blitzchung”, the Hong Kong Hearthstone player who supported the liberation of Hong Kong in his post-game interview. Even though it's tried to save itself from the disaster by changing that decision, this is still a pretty bad time for Blizzard.

So, Ybarra is probably going to face a lot of challenges in his new position. An adventure, indeed.