Microsoft Research - Prototype Controller for Mobile Devices

July 10, 2019
Microsoft Research - Prototype Controller for Mobile Devices

Streaming games to mobile devices is just around the corner, but the biggest issue with that happening are the controls, and Microsoft might be onto something.

A Microsoft Research paper, reported on by Windows Central, talks about the shortcomings of gaming on mobile devices and the success of the Nintendo Switch. The main problem talked about is the bulkiness of currently available controllers for mobile devices and lack of flexibility.


Microsoft already has the arguably best gamepads that are supported by iOS devices, but creating a gamepad that can easily adapt to your needs for mobile devices and bring a Switch-like experience does sound like a good idea. If it doesn’t sound like something you need or wouldn’t prefer, you will still be able to use the gamepad you already have.

Microsoft is quite serious about xCloud, they’ve already patented the idea for their new controller, and are working on a dev kit that will allow developers to adapt their games to touchscreens. It will be interesting to see how the industry will evolve.