Microsoft Brings Back Windows 1.0 After 34 Years

July 3, 2019
Microsoft Brings Back Windows 1.0 After 34 Years

Completely out of the blue, Microsoft decided to post a short teasers on their Twitter and Instagram “introducing the all-new Windows 1.0”. What?

The teaser shows the Windows logo through the years and stops at the Windows 1.0 logo. It has a very old-school vibe due to the visuals and music, one might even call it nostalgic.

Obviously, a lot of people were asking what does that mean, the answer is always “Wait for updates” or “Stay tuned”.

There is a bunch of theories behind it, the most interesting is that Windows 1.0 will be a brand new OS. The new OS would be a fresh start that would leave behind the baggage being pulled by each new iteration of the Windows operating system.

A less interesting and a lot more simple answer is they want to re-release (a maybe, open-source) Windows 1.0 for the niche audience that would really want that.

What ever it may be, Microsoft isn’t quite ready yet to talk about it, but it will be interesting to see how it turns out.