Metro Exodus Is Coming to Steam, but Not GOG (For Now)

February 10, 2020
Metro Exodus Is Coming to Steam, but Not GOG (For Now)

The first of many timed exclusives on the Epic Games Store, Metro Exodus, is coming to Steam, but if you hoped to see it on GOG, you’ll be disappointed.

Metro Exodus kicked up a storm back when the timed exclusivity was announced, but it’s time for it to be released on Steam. Obviously, where there is good news, there is bad news. Metro Exodus is not coming to GOG, so if you wanted a DRM-free version, too bad.

And where there is bad news, there is a glimmer of hope. GOG already has Metro 2033 and Last Light available, and the devs didn’t say they will not release Exodus on GOG. They just said they don’t plan on doing it “in the immediate future”.

GOG took it pretty badly, and fans got a bit salty too.

Be it as it may, Exodus will be on Steam on February 15, which is good timing considering the last DLC will be available on February 11.

And it will, hopefully, be on GOG at a later date.