Metro Exodus - Enjoyable Ride Through Desolated Russia

February 26, 2019
Metro Exodus - Enjoyable Ride Through Desolated Russia

In the beginning, I have to mention that I’m a huge fan of Metro series, the games as well as the books so I might be a little biased, but I’m gonna try to keep it as real as I can with you guys. I will also try not to spoil anything significant for you since this game is something you should definitely experience.

Metro Exodus, as you might already know, is a first-person shooter video game with survival horror and stealth elements. It follows the events of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, all of which are based on the Metro book series by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The story of Metro Exodus is set two years after the “Redemption” ending of Metro: Last Light. It also has a similar beginning as the third book in the series, Metro 2035, but from there the story takes its own way.


Taking the role of Artyom, like in the previous games, you are accompanied by Spartan Rangers, Artyom’s wife Anna, and her father Miller who is the commander of Rangers. After you found out that Hansa has been lying to all inhabitants of Moscow’s metro about being the only survivors in the whole world, you and your group steal the locomotive (that you later name Aurora) and escape from Hansa in search for a new life, outside of metro, through the post-apocalyptic war-ravaged Russia.


While riding the train between chapters, you get to socialize with your companions. I loved that aspect of the game, it was so relaxing to sit down, listen to the conversations, drink, smoke a cigarette, shovel the coal in the engine, play the guitar, you even get to cuddle with Anna (I also noticed collectible postcards are displayed in the train cabin). You get more familiar with the characters and their backstories which in the long run makes you more immersed in the storyline, and makes you care more about what happens to them.

Take Duke, for example, he’s the youngest one in the group, he looks up to you, and he always throws himself head first to volunteer in any kind of mission, no matter how dangerous. You also share the blood type with him so you feel that special bond since he donated his blood to you every time you recklessly overexposed yourself to the radiation outside while searching for the radio signal.


Only a few little things bugged me, so I’m just gonna say it right now and be done with the negativity. There is no substantial improvement in the voice acting from the previous installments, and that Russian accent can be a little “cringy” at times. You might want to turn the titles on, you’ll need them, especially when people start talking at the same time as their mumbling can get quite incomprehensible. You can turn on the radio on the train, but, there will be only one song playing again, and again, and it gets stuck in your head. I wished I could jump off the train.


There are also few bugs here and there but they don’t affect the gameplay in any way, it’s just some NPC’s standing in the wall and that kind of stuff, aside from the one time where the game refused to autosave or quicksave and I went on playing for almost an hour without any saved progress. Fortunately, I didn’t die during that period, or I would have been so pissed. Another thing, not everyone might agree with me on this one, Artyom is completely silent throughout the game, despite him narrating the intro we never hear his voice again. Not that it’s bad to have a silent protagonist, but considering the situations he’s experiencing I would at least expect a cough or clearing his throat or any sound basically. Now, let’s get back to the good things.


The visuals in this game are amazing, to say the least, the graphics look almost photo-realistic in some places. Even though the developers tried something new with the setup and some people were doubting the game would have that same kind of feeling we were used to in previous games, they adapted that tunnel claustrophobia perfectly to the open world. Changing maps through four seasons along the way was a nice touch, the landscape is more versatile so you can hardly get bored with it and there’s always some beautiful scenery to look at, whether it’s the woods, swamps or a desert.


Another thing that differs from Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light is the weapon customization. If you played these games then you know bullets were used as a currency, that is not the case in Metro Exodus. Here you can scavenge for weapon parts and craft a variety of weapons either on a workbench or on the go directly from the backpack. You can also craft ammo, medkits, and filters, and clean your guns on the workbench, keep that in mind since your weapons can get dirty and therefore completely useless.


As for the threats, there’s a lot of them. All sorts of mutants, bandits, cannibals, religious freaks, radiation, even anomalies, are to be expected every step of the way. It’s easier to get noticed in the daylight but more mutants are roaming in the night, so you better be on your tiptoes whatever time of the day. I shouldn’t forget to mention, don’t kill just anyone. Not everyone you meet is going to be evil.


Bandits, murderers, cannibals, sure, go on a killing spree, but aside from that, misguided fanatics and villagers are not necessarily bad, so it’s better to sneak around them and knock them out. You don’t want bad karma as it will affect the ending of every chapter, not just the endgame, some of your precious companions could die, and I’m sure you don’t want that. What’s interesting as well, when you’re fighting a bigger group and only a few of them are left conscious, they will surrender, drop their guns and get on their knees.

I could write more about Metro Exodus but this is already getting too long. There are a lot more things I could have mentioned but one thing is for sure, you should definitely play this game ASAP. I loved it and I’m sure every fan of the series will love it as well. Now I’m going back to replay the whole game again and you can visit GameBuz, PC, Console, and Mobile gaming news site for more gaming related articles.

You can get Metro Exodus on Epic Games Store.