Metro Exodus Also Goes with Epic Games Store Instead of Steam

January 29, 2019
Metro Exodus Also Goes with Epic Games Store Instead of Steam
Image source: Metro Game website

Metro Exodus, soon to be released survival shooter game, will change its store. Deep Silver, the publisher of the game announced their partnership with Epic Games, meaning that Metro Exodus will be released on February 15th, 2019 only on Epic Games store.

Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver explained that "generous revenue terms" Epic Games store offers to publishers allows them to invest more into content creation and the benefits for the fans:

"We are delighted to partner with Epic to bring the digital PC version of Metro Exodus to market. Epic's generous revenue terms are a game changer that will allow publishers to invest more into content creation, or pass on savings to the players. By teaming up with Epic we will be able to invest more into the future of Metro and our ongoing partnership with series developer 4A Games, to the benefit of our Metro fans."

Metro Exodus was until now available for pre-order on Steam, but with this new partnership between Deep Silver and Epic Games, ability to purchase and pre-order the game on Steam will soon be removed.

Customers, who already ordered the game, don't have anything to worry about, assures Steam. In the announcement Steam published on their website, "any customer with an outstanding pre-order for Metro Exodus on PC through Steam will receive their game as expected".

Announcing this news, Steam also published on their website statement about their ended collaboration with Deep Silver:


The game will be available for purchase on other stores, including Steam, on February 14th, 2020.

This is not the first publisher leaving Steam. This month Ubisoft also decided to end the partnership with Steam and transfer the sale of Division 2 to Epic Games store.

Metro Exodus, the newest installment in Metro series developed by 4A Games, will be available for PC, PS4, and XBOX ONE. This first-person shooter video game is set in post-apocalyptic Russia, devastated by a nuclear war. The events in Metro Exodus take place in 2036, 2 years after the “Redemption” ending of Metro: Last Light.