Mario Kart Tour Has a Monthly Subscription Called ‘Gold Pass’

September 25, 2019
Mario Kart Tour Has a Monthly Subscription Called ‘Gold Pass’

Mario Kart Tour has launched on Android and iOS, and as one would expect from a mobile game, it has questionable monetization – a “Gold Pass” subscription.

The Gold Pass comes in at $4.99 a month with a two week free trial period. The Gold Pass unlocks the 200cc mode, in-game items, and Gold Challenges and their badges. It’s not quite clear what the badges are for, but they’re probably another form of cosmetic items.

This isn’t the only way to unlock cosmetic items thankfully. You can earn Grand Stars, which you later use to unlock new cups and Tour Gifts. Drivers, karts, gliders are some of the things included in Tour Gifts.

There’s also The Pipe which is the games take on loot boxes, which means you get random content from them. You need Rubies which are gained through races and other sources, and it’s pretty obvious what that means.

The worst part about this subscription is that Apple Arcade costs the same and it was created to avoid all of the horrible monetization schemes that follow mobile games. It is a bit disappointing, but hey, it’s a mobile game. Thankfully, the Switch Lite is not disappointing.