Man Breaks into Valve, Steals $40K in Games and Equipment

October 9, 2019
Man Breaks into Valve, Steals $40K in Games and Equipment

Man who previously stole a FedEx truck has now broken into the Valve offices and stolen $40.000 in games, equipment, and even Gabe’s minigun.

According to KIRO 7, 32-year-old Shawn Shaputis broke into Valve, and managed to steal more than $40.000 worth of games, consoles, controllers, headphones, and somehow, even Gabe’s minigun.

He is currently not in police custody, but there are multiple arrest warrants with his name on them, and more are on the way if he doesn’t show up to court.

Now the really interesting part, Valve is located at Lincoln Square South, which is also where Unity, Epic Games, and even Samsung have offices. With so many large offices in the area, you’d think they have pretty good security. Well, they do, specifically "a 24-hour security force with closed-circuit TV surveillance." So, how do you steal $40.000? In a recycling bin obviously.

The man casually rolled a recycling bin up a flight of unused stairs, filled it up with games and equipment, and went back to his car.

There are just two questions that need to be answered.

Did he find Half-Life 3 while he was up there? Why exactly did he take Gabe’s minigun? Come on, you just don’t take a man’s minigun.

Image source: Forbes