Lockwood & Avakin Life Raised $20,000 for Australian Bushfires

February 11, 2020
Lockwood & Avakin Life Raised $20,000 for Australian Bushfires

Lockwood Publishing, UK publisher behind Avakin Life, has raised $20,000 for Australia’s wildlife charity Wires, following the horrendous bushfires in Australia.

The money was raised by selling more than 25,000 exclusive Petkin Bundles - a limited edition in-game bundle created specifically to support the charity.

The Petkin Bundle, which was available for one week between the 17th and 24th January, gives users a special virtual Koala pet, or ‘Petkin’, with which they can develop a bond, go for a walk or hang out with in the company of other Avakins and their Petkins. The bundle, costing $1, was bought by over 25,000 Avakin players with all proceeds, barring app store fees, donated to Wires.

Commenting on the final sum raised, Halli Bjornsson, CEO and founder of Lockwood Publishing, said: “We know that our Avakin community is driven to do good in the world, so as soon as the development team came to me with an idea to help support WIRES’ efforts in Australia, I was on board immediately. When an idea is both creative and does good, then how can anyone say no? The fact that we’ve raised $20,000 is incredible, and it makes me so proud of the community we’ve helped to create.

This fundraiser has allowed Avakin users to help support the very real ongoing efforts of Wires wildlife rescue teams.