Lightmatter Launches On Steam This Week

January 13, 2020
Lightmatter Launches On Steam This Week

Aspyr and Tunnel Vision Games have announced that their atmospheric first-person puzzle game, Lightmatter, arrives on Steam on January 15.

The game is set inside a mysterious experimental facility where players have to be careful of the shadows because they are set to kill them. They need to watch their movements closely through the sprawling tunnels and rooms or they will be swallowed into the vast darkness.

The game tells a sci-fi story about a maniac inventor who has created the ultimate power source called Lightmatter. Players must explore the facility in an attempt to discover the hidden plot while facing challenging puzzles that require mastering different light sources to survive.

Starting on January 15, players will be able to try the first hour of gameplay for free, and can then unlock the full game for $19.99.

You can wishlist Lightmatter now on Steam.