Left 4 Dead Is Getting a Spiritual Sequel Called Back 4 Blood

March 15, 2019
Left 4 Dead Is Getting a Spiritual Sequel Called Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studio that created the original Left 4 Dead is now developing cooperative zombie shooter, Back 4 Blood. It looks like Left 4 Dead is getting a spiritual sequel.

Creators of Left 4 Dead are keeping all the details about this game to themselves, they are not even releasing any images. The only thing Turtle Rock confirmed is that this is not going to be Left 4 Dead 3, but they did say in an FAQ that Back 4 Blood is “going back to [its] roots and at the same time innovating on them.”

“Back 4 Blood is our own brand new, original IP,” the studio said. “You’ll be able to shoot up a lot of zombies like in Left 4 Dead, but there’s a whole lot of new stuff in Back 4 Blood which makes it unique.”

“It’s hard to overstate what an awesome opportunity this is. We get to return to a genre that was born in our studio with over ten years of additional experience and zombie ideas racked up in our brains,” Chris Ashton, co-founder and design director at Turtle Rock Studios, stated in a news release. “We also have some of the best teammates in the business at WBIE who understand our development process and are equally committed to our player-first mentality. We love being able to announce, so we can start working with the community right away.”

“We are not resting on any past laurels. Our goal is to take all we’ve learned and push forward. We know that’s a tall order,” Phil Robb, co-founder and creative director, added. “We’re growing the team considerably because we’re stepping up to the biggest challenge in this studio’s history. We know this title has to stand out and we fully intend to make that happen.”

According to Turtle Rock, this will not be a battle royale game and it will feature a campaign and PVP combat. Back 4 Blood will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but the release date is yet to be announced.