League of Stickman: Shadow Legends - Shadow Killer Sticks

January 31, 2019
League of Stickman: Shadow Legends - Shadow Killer Sticks
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What is your favorite thing to do when you’re having a bad day? If the answer is going on a massive killing rampage (virtual, of course), then this game should fulfill your need. It’s no wonder all of us here at GameBuz, mobile game news site, are completely relaxed all the time.

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League of Stickman is a series of video games for Android and iOS published by DreamSky, and Shadow Legends is just another addition to the series. Choose your hero and proceed to fight every shadowy creature that appears on your way.

The gameplay is pretty simple and filled with action-packed real-time combat. On the left side of the screen, you have arrows to move left and right. As for the actual combat, on the right side, there is one big button for basic attack and fore smaller around it for different special attacks. What special attack you’re going to have, depends solely on the hero you chose.

Image source: League of Stickman Shadow Legends - Apps on Google Play

There are multiple heroes you can choose from and start your killing spree in various campaigns, and when I say multiple I mean there are so many I barely got to the end of the list to see them all. Design for the character is pretty simplistic, they are shadows after all, but it blends perfectly in the surroundings. For those who like a bit more detailed design, every hero has a few skins so you can get whichever you like the most.

What surprised me the most, and is a big plus from me, for every character that you want to buy with in-game gems, you have an option to play a trial chapter and try the hero out before you decide if it’s worth a purchase. The music in the background also gives you a nice adrenaline boost to keep you slicing your enemies.

Image source: League of Stickman Shadow Legends - Apps on Google Play

As you level up more options for different kind of missions will unlock. Aside for the main campaign, which has Normal, Elite, and Abyss level of difficulty, there are Daily, Event, and Challenge missions. Gameplay is not going to be the same in every type of mission. Although most of them are pure action with killing left and right, some of them are completely different.

For example, in Daily missions, one of the things you can play is mining, where you will walk around the map, dig holes and break stones to get to the chest and collect some items here and there.

Image source: League of Stickman Shadow Legends - Apps on Google Play

Another thing you should pay attention to is upgrading your character and enhancing the skills and equipped items. Enhancing skills and items is quite easy, your enemies drop a bunch of coins you can spend on them, and sometimes an item will pop up that you can equip to add to your attack power, health, and defense.

You can also sell everything you don’t need and get more coin. Upgrading your character in the other hand requires different materials so coins by themselves are not going to be enough.

In addition to items, there are also runes you can get from chapter two of Abyss. They can improve your power greatly with a bunch of different attributes you also get with items, only better.

Image source: League of Stickman Shadow Legends - Apps on Google Play

There are a few short ads here and there and they don’t interrupt the game that much, which is a good thing considering how many games are unplayable simply because ads are constantly in the way.

All in all, as I mentioned in the beginning, this game can relieve you from stress whenever you’re in need of some relaxation.