King Crusher: A Roguelike Game - There Can Be Only One

February 12, 2019
King Crusher: A Roguelike Game - There Can Be Only One

What a peaceful time it was in the Middle Ages, everybody lived in harmony. Well, this King was not particularly pleased with the state of the world. This King decided there are too many rulers and he sent you, a King’s Hand, on an adventure to defeat them all and make him the King of the entire world.

Going in this game I expected just another dungeon crawler without any dimensions to the gameplay. What I actually got was fun time slaying all the pixelated monsters on the way to the next monarch.


As the King’s Hand, you recruit a small group of heroes and proceed through dungeon-like adventures on a 3x3 grid. The enemy you should kill is on the top of the grid and you slide your fighters around to avoid the enemy’s attacks. Melee fighters can only attack from the first line, they are expendable cannon fodder (insert evil laugh here), and the ones with ranged attacks can shoot from any square in the grid.


There are twelve different types of heroes and the game gives you three heroes most suitable for every adventure. Every type has heroes with different skill levels: apprentice, expert, and master. To get them you have to use gems, that you’ve collected through adventures, for incantations. Then you get to level up those heroes and become stronger for later adventures.  

The adventures are well balanced, I expected straightforward grinding, but you actually have different paths to choose from. Most fields on your path result in combat, but there are also the ones with a question mark, that put you in a situation with three possible outcomes which you can choose from. There are also shops where you can get some items for that adventure, taverns where you can recruit fighters and fountains where you can pray for strength or support, or get the blessing.


The animation in this game is fantastic, every character and enemy has its own special-looking attack type. Whether it’s a goblin throwing spears, frog sticking out its tongue or lizard cook throwing knives, it all looks like you’re playing mini D&D adventure in pixels on surfaces like forests, deserts, cemeteries or volcanos.


Every type of surface will have different weather instabilities, like falling trees, waves washing your heroes away, or splashing lava. Also, all of the adventures are timed, so if you don’t kill the enemy before the time's up, bombs will start to fall randomly on the field. You have bestiary and armory where you can check specifics about the enemies you’ve encountered and items you have collected and a chest with gems you can open every few hours.


This game contains ads, but you have a choice if you want to watch them to double acquired gems or triple your experience at the end of an adventure, which I didn’t mind at all. The only thing I found annoying about this game is that you have to replay a lot of adventures until you level up your heroes because it gets harder to successfully go through them with the basic, unskilled characters the game gives you at the beginning of every adventure.

All in all, in the sea of dungeon crawler strategic puzzle games and what not, this one is far more on the fun side than the dull one. I am sure it will stay on my phone for quite some time since I kinda want to play it even as I’m writing this. Now, I’m off to GameBuz, PC, Console, and Mobile game news site, and you should follow my lead, King’s orders!