Killing Floor 2 - Weapon DLC No Longer Free to Keep the Game Up

August 13, 2019
Killing Floor 2 - Weapon DLC No Longer Free to Keep the Game Up

Tripwire Interactive has announced that to keep Killing Floor 2 going and to not slow down with the updates, the next weapon DLC will have a price tag attached.

Nearly three years since it was released, Killing Floor 2 still has a fanbase that plays regularly. Tripwire Interactive regularly released free updates to the game, but as time passes, it’s time to either move on to new projects or find a new way to keep the game alive.

Two tactics were considered, the first was to significantly slow down on the updates, which didn’t feel right to them, so they went with the second option. Moving on, weapons DLC will cost $9.99 and every new weapon will include 5 skins for it.

If you’re unsure if you want to buy the DLC, the Shared Content system, will help you. If you join a match with someone who owns the DLC, you will be able to use the weapons from it during the match.

Existing weapons will receive new types, so the paid DLC won’t be the only way to use new weapons. On the bright side, maps, modes, bosses, zeds, and quality of life updates for Killing Floor 2 will stay free.