Kickstart RPG Book of Travels - Funded Under Four Hours

October 28, 2019
Kickstart RPG Book of Travels - Funded Under Four Hours

Last Thursday, Might and Delight launched their first ever crowdfunded project. Their RPG, Book of Travels, managed to hit its target in less than four hours.

Book of Travels was announced on Steam last month and takes classic RPG elements but uses them in ways that create a game experience that’s unlike typical RPGs. The game is light on stats and focuses instead on roleplaying, exploration and personality.

There are no linear quest lines built into the game - instead Book of Travels will be a truly living world, one where you’ll stumble across events and characters unexpectedly.

We won’t just be asking you to pledge and share, but to make and create. We’ll be building a community together and helping to add into a brand new online world, and our campaign is designed around that relationship - full of creativity and authentic stretch goals. We don't want people to simply feel like backers, but like genuine and proud collaborators” Helen Liston, Editor & Copywriter

The studio already started the venture by gathering ideas from backers for new spells to add to the game.

To mark the spirit of the campaign, a special area in the game world was created - the Travellers’ Meadow and it will be filling up with glowing blue Night Flowers, as one flower is planted for each backer.

"Meadow taught us that the narratives that players themselves created and roleplayed around are far stronger than any we could conjure up. Book of Travels keeps building on that idea, but brings it more to a balance. The game design gives you hints and sparks, but trusts you to be the owner of your character’s journey." Jakob Tuchten, Art Director

The campaign is designed to open conversations and broaden the community that has already sprung up in the Official Book of Travels Discord server.