Kaiju Rush - A Cute Pixelated Arcade Bouncer

February 7, 2019
Kaiju Rush - A Cute Pixelated Arcade Bouncer
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From developer Lucky Kat Studios the people behind Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever comes a cute little game called Kaiju Rush. It’s an arcadey, bouncy game where you play as a kaiju. Huge creatures (well in this game they look kinda small and cute) like Godzilla or King Kong.

Your task is to launch yourself into a city and destroy as many buildings as you can. The game is pretty entertaining but it has some issues. So as always let’s take a deeper look.


As I said you control a kaiju and your goal is to rack up the highest score you can by destroying buildings. Travel distance also influences your score. The controls are very simple, you just tap the screen to launch and then keep tapping to bounce.

Now the game tells you to bounce when the circle below you is biggest. That might be because of the area of effect, the size of the circle represents the size of the AOE. From my experience, if you want the most coin and destruction you should bounce when the circle is biggest. If you want to cover more distance try tapping when you begin to descend from your bounce will keep up your momentum.

I mentioned collecting coins and these can, of course, be used to buy stuff. There are four upgrades and they are power, speed, coin, and offline earnings. Power will upgrade you launch power, speed will improve your momentum, coins will give you extra coins in percentages and offline earnings will give you more coin over time.

Besides the coins, you’ll sometimes receive eggs at the end of your run. When you get them you’ll have to hatch them to unlock new kaiju. Some take more time to hatch than others but you can always use diamonds to hatch them right away. There’s a plethora of kaiju to unlock including some you’ll recognize like the titan from Attack on Titan.

There are 8 levels to unlock not including the first one that’s playable right off the bat. Each has a unique look at color pallet. You unlock them by leveling up but for some reason, the upgrades you unlock in the first level don’t carry over to the next one which makes no sense honestly. You lose the feeling of progression, like taking two steps forward but one step backward.

And the most annoying part is the ads. Oh god the ads, they come close to killing the pace of the gameplay. You’re offered some ads with an incentive which is cool, I have nothing against that. In fact, those are my favorite type of ads. But then you finish a run and randomly get an ad shoved down your throat.


Kaiju Rush is a good time killer to play while you’re at the bus stop or in a boring class (just kidding, stay in school kids). As I mentioned the ads can get really annoying and the fact that your upgrades don’t carry over to new levels is pretty lame honestly.

For these reasons, I’m giving Kaiju Rush a 6.5/10. You can pick the game up on both Android and iOS. And as always guys for more reviews, mobile games news and everything in between stick with us right here at GameBuz.