Is Apex Legends Receiving Titanfall Movement Mechanics?

March 11, 2019
Is Apex Legends Receiving Titanfall Movement Mechanics?
Image source: EA website

The insanely popular battle royale, Apex Legends could be receiving some mechanics from Titanfall. Namely, since the latest update data miners have been digging through the game’s files to find out what’s potentially coming to the game and they found something very interesting.

Data miners have already found two new weapons, a flamethrower and remote turret, on March 8, along with some hints at an in-game night mode and something called “Community Happy Hour.” But the most interesting thing that they’ve uncovered a piece of code that hints at wallrunning and superjumping being added to the game. These mechanics were a key gameplay element in Respawn Entertainment’s previous titles and has been rumored for Apex Legends since its release back in February.

However, this could just be some leftover code from the start of development since Apex Legends started as the next installment in the Titanfall series. There have already been leaks that surfaced shortly after the release of Apex Legends and they’ve already been dismissed as leftovers from the original development of Titanfall 3.

There is still no official word regarding the addition of these movement mechanics. However, if Respawn decides to add them, it's likely that they could be implemented at the start of Apex’s first season which is expected to start at some point in March. Respawn have already noted that a number of legends will receive major tuning with the start of season one so additional changes aren’t out of the question.

The addition of these mechanics could be very interesting but it could (and probably will) change up the gameplay a lot. Many players don’t seem to be very happy about the possibility of these mechanics being added and have been voicing their dissatisfaction on Twitter.