iOS 13 Adds Xbox and PS Gamepad Support to Apple Devices

June 26, 2019
iOS 13 Adds Xbox and PS Gamepad Support to Apple Devices

One of the biggest problems with mobile gaming is that the controls are horrible, just using the touch screen isn’t enough, so Apple decided to fix that.

There are a few really great games to represent mobile gaming, but the less than comfortable controls are enough to make you never touch them. Some companies decided to make phones specifically for mobile gaming, but they are very hit-or-miss and they usually aren’t cheap. There are some gamepads made for mobile devices, but not even they hit the spot. That’s why it’s nice to hear that iOS 13 and iPadOS will support the gamepads you already use.

The latest update will make using your Xbox or PlayStation controller on an Apple device incredibly easy. Just open the bluetooth settings and connect the gamepad.

This is without a doubt being done for the upcoming Apple Arcade, but it is great for the already available games too.

Obviously, mobile gaming isn’t everyone's cup of tea, but you can also stream your PlayStation 4 games to an Apple device, so the controller support will definitely come in handy. Xbox still can't do that, but it's on its way.