INTERVIEW: Phantom Miria - Rising Sensation in the FGC

September 21, 2019
INTERVIEW: Phantom Miria - Rising Sensation in the FGC
Miria Regina Ferreira, aka Phantom Miria

Phantom Miria is one of the most impressive rising sensations in the FGC. She's a model, a pro-Street Fighter player, and has signed to the rapidly growing Esports team, EQNX Gaming. I wanted to ask Miria a few questions to get to know this stylish personality and commentator. Will be rooting for her big time as we move into 2020.

Him - Hey Miria, how are you?

Phantom Miria - Fabulous and fierce as always.

Him - Tell me about how you got your name?

Phantom Miria - Well, first of all, when I first started my transition I asked both of my parents how they would've named me if I was born genetically female. Dad said Miria and mom said Regina. One of my friends told me to watch Claymore (anime) because there was a character with the same name (since Miria is not a very common name).

I watched the anime, loved the character that had the same name as me, but her nickname was "Gen'ei no Miria", which means "Phantom Miria", because of her sick mirage moves. And welp, I went for it because why the heck not. She also looks like me though.

Miria - Claymore

Him - Can you tell us a little about your lifestyle? What is it like outside of gaming? How does gaming complement your other interests?

Phantom Miria - I'm the definition of ambiguous. Outside of gaming I've done editorial modeling and some freelance modeling every now and then. So I'm into runways, fashion, and the modeling industry. I love fashion and having a unique style. I also love helping others in the FGC fashion-wise to dress better. I can be as sedentary as hell, but every now and then I can go out and have fun on a night out.

When it comes to music, I love me some Techno and Deep House, because I love to dance. I don't have a favorite genre when listening to it myself, though. But if I'm stressed, sad, or down, I will dance it out in my room with my PJs on. I'm into skincare big time, I'm a skincare junkie.

I feel that having a sense of fashion really complements my brand and helped me stand out as an individual in the FGC. And also the modeling helped me feel more confident on camera and on stage, I even got to do some modeling photoshoots for Gaming Generations, Combo Breaker, CEO, and others, as well as important interviews such as ESPN, RedBull, Twitter Gaming, i-D Vice, XO Academy, and many other content creators (shoutouts to every single one of you).

Him - Can you tell us about where you're from? Do you think your upbringing and where you're from has affected your approach to a game?

Phantom Miria - I'm Latina, I was born in CA but raised in Mexico until I was 17, then moved to LA for 6 years, then NY for a year, and now I'm back in Mexico. I don't think living in Mexico has ever impacted in a "helpful" way my career in Esports, aside from the love and support from the community (which, don't get me wrong, it means a lot to me).

The support to Esports players and in Esports, in general, is very little to none, but we are growing slowly and becoming more supportive. So it can be tough for newcomers and even veterans to stand out if they don't have a VISA since all the important CPT events are held in the US.


Him - What are your favorite games right now?

Phantom Miria - Street Fighter V and Overwatch.

Him - Excited for Evo this year? Any goals for yourself and your performance?

Phantom Miria - Evo was amazing. There is no other way of putting it. I did a lot of media and I focused on growing my brand, stream, and myself as a player. Goals were met since all I wanted was to play Tokido on winner's final of my pool. Regardless of the outcome, all I wanted was to perform my best and make it out of my pool, which I did! So I'm proud of myself, and thankful for having XO Academy backing me up with such an amazing trip (shoutout to Persia).

Him - What else can fans expect from you this year?

Phantom Miria - As far as tournaments, I am planning on going to ThunderStruck in Monterrey, MX. RedBull Conquest in LA, RedBull Conquest in San Francisco, and finally closing the year with Last Chance Qualifier/Capcom Cup. I am working hard to put myself out there, so I'm very dependent on my stream donations to make it to all these tournaments. The struggle is real. [laughs] But I wish to make it to as many CPT events as I can by the end of this year and in 2020.


Him - Biggest achievements? Biggest challenges?

Phantom Miria - My biggest achievement this year was definitely landing with team Equinox Gaming at the beginning of the year. Getting selected for XO Academy and all the benefits that come with it; getting out of my pools at Evo; doing an interview for Twitter Gaming; being part of a documentary based on women in Esports.

It's been an amazing year, and none of this would've happened if I didn't have all the support and love from everyone. My biggest challenge was fighting Tokido on stream at Evo and growing my Twitch Channel from scratch since February. It's been hard! But fun! And I love it.

Him - Anything else you want our readers to know about you?

Phantom Miria - I am always here to talk if you need to, with the most recent incidents in the FGC I just want to point out that I am REALLY HERE for you if you ever feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or if someone is messing with you. I WILL FIGHT THEM ON SPOT FOR Y'ALL. I'm not as mean as I look or as intimidating. I'm actually super nice and friendly, and I'm always down to help, listen, and hangout. It's been an amazing year full of support and love from the community that I'm just overwhelmed and my eyes are watering while I write this. THE FGC IS GREAT, MAN.

To keep up with Phantom Miria's work, make sure to follow her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch account.