INTERVIEW: Luka Sabbat - Entering the Esports Arena

September 15, 2019
INTERVIEW: Luka Sabbat - Entering the Esports Arena
Luka Sabbat

Luka Sabbat has probably perfectly captured this era's fashion zeitgeist. He is a pioneer in speaking the language of a youth generation that speaks not through words, but gestures expressed in perfectly cropped garments and sentiments. Sabbat is right on time; but yet his style echoes a sense of timelessness and luxury vintage that people all over the world appreciate.

His portfolio is quite impressive, extensive, and diverse. He's worked with the likes of Kanye West, Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas, Virgil Abloh, and has a starring role in the critically acclaimed ABC series "Grown-ish". But perhaps, one of the most interesting things about Luka is that he's really into fighting games. Being someone also into style, design, and Tekken, I wanted to chat with him about it, see what he had to say and find out if he had any plans for the industry.

Him - Hey Luka, how's it going?

Luka - Going alright...

Him - It's dope you're also into video games. Do you have any favorite ones right now? The ones you play or appreciate from afar?

Luka - Honestly, just Tekken 7 right now, I haven't really tapped into any other game at all lately.

Him - Yeah, you know, Tekken just announced a new character, Leroy Smith… What are your thoughts on his design?

Luka - He looks just like my dad, it's kind of crazy. I hope he's good so I can main him. I'll probably still main him even if he's trash, I'm a Lili player.

Leroy Smith - Tekken 7

Him - Yeah totally, I think he'll be a solid addition to the cast, his design is still crazy regardless. I know you've got the creative project "Hot Mess" and with it, you've shown interest in Esports. What do you think will be its contribution to Esports and gaming culture?

Luka - I eventually want to build a team or have a roster of Tekken players and maybe even other fighting games. I really love the FGC and that will probably be my focus.

Him - Do you see the fashion and Esports world working more closely together in the future?

Luka - I hope so, I mean, the two worlds are very different in the sense of the demographic that enjoys those things. There's only a few that are equally into fashion as they are into games, but it's a bridge I would love to see built.

Him - What games had the biggest influence on you and your style?

Luka - Honestly, Tekken, they made me buy these Balenciaga boots that look like Paul's boots. But when I was a kid, GTA was a big influence, especially because "I was not allowed to play it".

Him - What about Lil Majin made you want to co-sign him via "Hot Mess"?

Luka - Lil Majin is the people's champion! One of the greatest American players right now and he's only going to get better with time!

Him - What’s next for Luka Sabbat?

Luka - Just trying to be a part of more films and eventually cross paths with video games in the sense that I would in order to collaborate with someone or a company to help style a game or consult. Etc.

Him - Looking forward to it, man. Thanks for chatting.

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