INTERVIEW: KawaiiFaceMiles - Shining Star of the FGC

September 13, 2019
INTERVIEW: KawaiiFaceMiles - Shining Star of the FGC
Miles Mackenzie aka KawaiiFaceMiles

KawaiiFaceMiles might be one of the most recognizable personalities in Tekken. A personality bigger than life, an aesthetic hard to forget, KawaiiFaceMiles has been able to capture the attention of Tekken fans all over the world. I've been wanting to chat with her about basically everything under the sun - and I was able to do so right after Evo 2019. Check out our full conversation below!

Him - Hey Miles, how are you?

KawaiiFaceMiles - Heya! I'm doing amazing as always!

Him - For some of our readers who may not be familiar, can you introduce yourself?

KawaiiFaceMiles - Best way to get to know me, my name is Miles Mackenzie and I go by the name KawaiiFaceMiles! I am a competitive Tekken 7 player and all-around lovable and enticing personality of the FGC, Esports and video game content creation! I play Alisa and love cute things and am a huge claw machine enthusiast.

Him - I've been wanting to catch up with you for a while now. Your personality is on a whole 'nother level - what do you attribute it to?

KawaiiFaceMiles - My personality is definitely a lot to take in. [laughs] Honestly, I'm just being myself. I feel if I'm genuine and my complete self, there's no way I can disappoint fans meeting me IRL because they already know what to expect, plus no one likes someone fake, ya know? I dislike toning myself down, but I know sometimes I gotta otherwise it's literally a slap in the face if you aren’t ready. [laughs]

Him - What are your biggest inspirations right now?

KawaiiFaceMiles - My biggest inspirations? Hm, that's a really good question. Honestly, one of my good friends, Cuddle Core, she inspires me every day. I love how she exudes pure strength and confidence and just how hard of a competitor and a strong person she is naturally. It's just so addicting.


Him - Excited for Evo?

KawaiiFaceMiles - Evo? YES! I am so beyond excited for Evo! I really aim to do well and, honestly, I haven't felt this great about my play in the past 4 years I've been competing. It seems like a long time, however, in the Tekken world, it's a pretty short time and I've grown rapidly throughout the years. I'm hoping for great results but ultimately I want to give 100% of me in each match and do my very best.

Him - What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

KawaiiFaceMiles - My plans for 2019, honestly, I don't have many, aside from already pre-scheduled events such as doing a panel at Anime USA convention in November. Then, maybe another tournament but, since losing my job, it's been really hard for me to feel secure and travel more. I feel like I am starting all over, but I'll push through and make it shine!

Him - Can you tell me about your relationship with Victrix? Their work is so incredible and seems like such a good fit for you.

KawaiiFaceMiles - Oh, my relationship with Victrix? I've actually known for quite some time since last year. They're so kind and super amazing and have always treated me like family. Literally, they find me at events and always ask me if I need anything or how I'm doing and, honestly, small stuff like that sticks out to me because it's that genuine care and concern that I love so much. Also slight shill but, use code KFM at checkout on PRO AF Headset and original PRO FS! [wink-wink]


Him - Is it safe to say that you're into pink?

KawaiiFaceMiles - My favorite color is actually red, but I'm definitely really into pink because it's so cute and brings a nice, comfy and happy feeling! Pink is what I want everyone to associate with me, especially since I'm really digging it as a hair color.

Him - When I think about Tekken streaming, I think of you. Is there something unique you offer to streaming that allows you to stand out so much?

KawaiiFaceMiles - I think what I offer as a unique trait is my welcoming and happy personality. It's because I'm not faking myself or providing a persona. I'm just being me, being real and honest with my audience, and I try my best to help and grow the community while having fun.

Him - Favorite game ever?

KawaiiFaceMiles - Favorite game ever... Oh man, what a loaded question. I actually have strong love toward the horror genre so I, honestly, really love the Fatal Frame series and Resident Evil series. However, Tekken is always my number 1!

Him - Favorite fighting game character ever?

KawaiiFaceMiles - MY FAVORITE CHARACTER, OOO!! I LOVE ALISA. However, Poison is also a favorite. I love her sex appeal, strength and confidence she portrays. Alisa is more like me in terms of caring and trying their best. Poison is very close because her persona is definitely something that I want to portray as a strong woman.


Him - What's the future of Esports look like, in their next say...12 years?

KawaiiFaceMiles - Honestly, the future of Esports is literally growing at such a rapid rate. In 12 years, this scene is going to be mainstream easily. It's become so accepted this far, so imagine how big it'll be later. It's going to be something where we will be watching tournaments and events on TV regularly and see content creators broadcast over the television.

Him - What's next for you? Can we expect you to branch over into other industries?

KawaiiFaceMiles - What's next? Oh, I'm always trying to push myself and become innovative to the FGC and Esports. Right now, I've got a few things going on, but one thing I want to do is secure more sponsors outside of the norm of gaming sponsors and I want to keep building and growing as a person, player and brand. It's my dream to become successful in the gaming industry and an idol to the rest of the gaming world, and I will achieve it.

Him - Anything else you want our readers to know?

KawaiiFaceMiles - I want everyone to know that no matter your skill level, or even being a beginner or needing a friend in the FGC, I am always here. I want everyone to feel welcomed, and I want to grow this scene and continue on myself. My dreams are huge, and my goals are aplenty, but I want to show all of you why I'm a star and that I'll continue to shine bright. I want to inspire others to follow their dreams, and the best way to do this is to follow my example.

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