INTERVIEW: JDCR - Reflections with Tekken Legend

August 3, 2019
INTERVIEW: JDCR - Reflections with Tekken Legend
HyunJin Kim/JDCR - Tekken player

I've been following JDCR's work for a while now, he's a great model and representative for the FGC, in my opinion. He's calm, he's focused, plays incredibly well, and really cares about the Tekken series and community. I think it's safe to say that with over a decade of experience in competitive gaming, JDCR is no doubt, a veteran in the scene.

I wanted to ask him a few questions; some about his recent performance at CEO Fighting Game Championships (where he placed top 8), his new deal with OGN Esports, and where he sees the future of Esports and his career.

JDCR - Hello. I've been competing in the Tekken World Tour since the beginning. I'm glad my performance isn't bad, but I've been focusing on practice because many important competitions are coming up. I recently signed with OGN Esports, so I feel more comfortable. Besides competing, I spend time on making YouTube videos and streaming on Twitch. I enjoy both, but I think YouTube is a more creative way to show my story to a bigger audience, so I spend more time on YouTube.

Him - It looks like you had a ton of fun at CEO. How was it for you? Did you learn anything new?

JDCR - CEO was definitely fun. Top 8 entrances are the most special and fun thing about CEO. I was happy to make Finals under OGN's sponsorship. I learned a little bit more about my play. But Daytona Beach, where the CEO took place, was too hot, humid. The food wasn't good either.


Him - When playing Tekken, is there anything outside of the game itself that you benefit from? Do you acquire any skills from the game that help you in your daily life?

JDCR - Benefits, I'm not sure about the benefits. There are many similarities between Tekken and life. Life is quite similar to any game. They share something in common: interactions between others and yourself, emotions, learning how to play, etc. In that respect, I learned how to concentrate through Tekken. If you want to accomplish things in Tekken and your life, you need to have focus. I have good concentration.

Him - Recently, you've really allowed people to get to know you and your personality through your Youtube channel. What inspired that project?

JDCR - There are two reasons. First, I wanted to show my experiences with overseas competitions and events. I've been going to international events for over ten years, and when I think back on it, I feel like there was nothing. In my memory, every event seems similar, like a blur. But the truth is each one was a special experience. So I think it's important to remember, record, and share my unique experiences and memories.

Second, it was recommended by others. They knew my experiences were unique, so they were willing to help me edit and produce my videos. At the start, I hesitated because it was an unfamiliar field. But now, I have friends who help me whenever I need it. I personally enjoy creating content.

Him - In your past, arcades had a significant impact on your life as a gamer. Do you ever see them making a big return and being as popular as they were in the past?

JDCR - I think it's impossible. Times have changed too much. There's no reason for people to go out and play at the arcade.

Of course, arcade culture is fun, but I don't think there's any reason for the generations who haven't experienced it to try it now. PC gaming excels in accessibility and price. Arcade is not marketable.

Him - What is your favorite thing about being a professional gamer?

JDCR - The biggest advantage of being a professional gamer is that I often travel abroad. There are competitions all over the world, and I get to experience different countries and cultures.

Meeting communities and people from different countries is a big advantage. It can get a little exhausting, but I still think the experience is fun and special. It is my favorite.

Him - Do you you see yourself ever retiring from Tekken?

JDCR - I always think about this. It's a little hard to describe it as retirement, but I think of it like this: "It's not weird to quit your career. It is possible to do it as a side job."

It's hard to make a living as a professional fighting game player. The gaming industry is growing, but when you look at solely Tekken, it's hard to predict the future. I don't think it's good to think like this for a professional player, but it's part of reality.


Him - Favorite Tekken Stage? From any of the games?

JDCR - Moonlit Wilderness from Tekken 5, Urban War zone in Tekken 6 BR. I like the atmosphere and music the most. I really hope these two stages come back to the game.

I also like Tekken Tag 1's ending music. It reminds me of my younger days when I played TT1.

Him - What other things are you excited about right now? Any special projects you can let us in on?

JDCR - As of now, I have no particular plans. I'd like to focus more on what I can do and what I'm currently doing.

Him - Anything else you want our readers to know?

JDCR - I'm happy to share my story in this interview. I want to show you good play and good performance.

I will continue to show you more about me on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. I would also like to thank my sponsor, OGN, and my fans who support me.