April 23, 2020

In this interview we spoke with CHILL & PLAY, an indie game developer that’s currently working on the game Paper Tanks.

GameBuz - What inspired you to start creating games?

Chill & Play - Since childhood, I liked to create something. It all started with a hut in the yard. When I got older, I became interested in drawing. The turning point came when my parents bought a computer. I liked computer games. Most of all I liked creating 3D models in SketchUp. I began to create models of weapons, buildings, funny characters. I experimented with textures, drawing it by hand or taking pictures on the street. During college, I got more opportunities: I got money, I studied Unity and Blender. Then it all started seriously.

GameBuz - What was the most challenging problem you had to deal with so far?

Chill & Play - The most difficult thing for me is to finish the project to the end. At first, when you have an idea, you are inspired and think that you will turn the mountains. I started the development and showed the first development materials to the audience. Then the criticism and admiration began. Another very difficult moment is financing. For development, I use my own money.

GameBuz - What was the most rewarding part of working in the Gaming Industry?

Chill & Play - For me, the most rewarding part of working is a positive and big reaction from the audience. When I read the comments of the players, I am glad that I bring people joy.

GameBuz - Do you have any advice for young developers entering the Gaming Industry?

Chill & Play - My advice is teamwork. So you save time and the game gets a fresh look. If people worked alone, now they would not use technology.

GameBuz - Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Chill & Play - For 6 months we have been working on the game PAPER TANKS. These are paper tanks in the style of notebook drawings. We have done a tremendous job, much remains to be done. I am also doing another Golf Keeper game with another team. This is a golf puzzle game.