INTERVIEW: Blue Goo Games

April 29, 2020
INTERVIEW: Blue Goo Games

In this interview we spoke with Niclas from Blue Goo Games. They are currently working on Space Chef - The Taste of Trouble, a humoristic game that combines intense space action and base building in a rusty, worn down galaxy.

GameBuz - What inspired you to start creating games?

Blue Goo Games - My first memory creating games was Gorilla.bas, a game where you throw bananas at each other. It was made in basic, and the code was available to play with, and since then I've always had the dream of creating a game, but I always thought it was quite hard. I have made many small prototypes back when I had an Amiga, but now, with years of programming experience, we're working on Space Chef - The Taste of Trouble and I have a clear vision to finally finish and release a game, even if it's a big project.

GameBuz - What was the most challenging problem you had to deal with so far?

Blue Goo Games - Since this is our first game, we didn't really have any big problems, but working an almost full-time job and having a family with two kids, is quite a challenge. One thing that can be hard is the scope of the game, and adding all the features we want, but we want to create a big and interesting game with lots of replayability.

GameBuz - What was the most rewarding part of working in the Gaming Industry?

Blue Goo Games - This is our first game that is made as a commercial product, but so far, it's been very rewarding and inspiring to meet other game devs that are in the same shoes as I am or just learning gamedev. I think the bigger we get, the more we can inspire other game devs, which is awesome.

GameBuz - Do you have any advice for young developers entering the Gaming Industry?

Blue Goo Games - Get a Twitter account, start showing off your work, and network. Sooner or later you'll meet people that will help you in ways you couldn't imagine. Don't sit isolated making your game, cause when you're ready, no one will know about your game.

GameBuz - Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Blue Goo Games - We just released our first devlog that became pretty popular, about How to grow on Twitter as a Game Dev. It shows 50 tips that we have used to grow on Twitter and has given us lots of interesting connections. I recommend you check it out!

If you wanna know more about the game, follow them on Twitter at @bluegoogames.