INTERVIEW: Alex the Dev

May 12, 2020
INTERVIEW: Alex the Dev

In this interview GameBuz had the chance to speak with Alex the Dev, indie developer who recently published his game Cluckin' Around.

GameBuz - What inspired you to start creating games?

Alex the Dev - Video games have always been a part of my life. Before I started making them, most of my time was spent playing them. It was during school I got my hands on my first game engine, I can't say I created anything impressive (or finished) but I certainly had fun. From there I just wanted to learn more and keep improving until I could make my own games.

GameBuz - What was the most challenging problem you had to deal with so far?

Alex the Dev - Game development comes with many obstacles, problem-solving is part of the job. Personally, I think the hardest part for an indie developer is avoiding procrastination. Getting lost in the middle of a project and losing hours is easily done, but sometimes getting the ball rolling and making a start can seem impossible. The best way to counteract this is by using time and project management. Set work hours, break jobs down & start small.

GameBuz - What was the most rewarding part of working in the gaming industry?

Alex the Dev - There are many great things about being an indie developer. The range of people you meet, the experience it provides, it's truly unique. But by far the best feeling is finishing a game, after putting in many hours of hard work, seeing other people enjoy something you created, nothing compares.

GameBuz - Do you have any advice for young game developers entering the gaming industry?

Alex the Dev - If you want to land a job within the industry, study/work hard to gain experience. Build up a portfolio because showing you're committed to working in your free time can go a long way. Finally, don't be afraid of applying for entry-level roles, we all have to start somewhere.

If you want to be an indie developer instead, start your own studio or work solo, the most important thing I can tell you to do is network. This is an extremely competitive industry, with countless indie devs aiming for the same thing. That doesn't mean you should treat everyone as your competition, work with other developers not against them. I've found the indie dev community to be amazingly friendly & supportive throughout my journey. Talk to people, put yourself out there, become part of the community and grow together.

GameBuz - Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Alex the Dev - Why not try out my latest game Cluckin' Around, find it on the App Store & Google Play store, I'm incredibly proud of this one!

If you want to follow me on my game dev adventure, find me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! Anyone can drop me a message, I'm always happy to connect with new people.

Check out Cluckin' Around on Google Play and App Store!