Idle Factory Tycoon - An extremely addictive idler

March 5, 2019
Idle Factory Tycoon - An extremely addictive idler

Idle Factory Tycoon, unlike most other idlers, actually requires your attention and for you to put some thought into it. It offers a lot more than I expected and it’s incredibly addicting.


When you first start, you have to click on the separate workers for them to do their job, after you get a couple hundred dollars you can buy managers for them. The managers remind them to do their job so you don’t have to.

From this point on you start balancing the flow of the game. You progress by making money, and you make money by spending money. It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?


As you make money, you can buy new products to build, after them you can buy new materials to use and a new set of products that material is used for. Every product can be upgraded multiple times to increase their value.

Beyond that, you can unlock and level-up different workers that work faster and have unique bonuses to certain products. You get them from loot boxes and you get one for free every four hours, so there’s no pressure on buying them.

You can also upgrade the managers to help optimize the workflow or get bonuses to production and sales. idle_factory_tycoon_different_factories

The really hard part is actually balancing the production and knowing who to level up to keep the flow of parts and products going well. It’s easy for transporters not to be fast enough to bring the parts to the workers, or for warehouse workers to be unable to keep up with the production lowering your income.

When you finish the first factory, you have five more factories to unlock and play through with more being added. Besides them, periodically timed event factories are available that reward you based on how far you manage to get through them during the event.

When you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly fun to see everyone working at maximum performance. You can also prestige your factory for a price, this gives you some unique bonuses and then you replay the factory from the start with enough money to get things back on track fast.

The graphics aren’t overly detailed, but they are very colorful and pleasant to look at. Every factory has its own color palette and the super-workers have some really interesting designs.


idle_factory_tycoon_mapThere’s a couple of things that I noticed and wasn’t a fan of. The first one is that there are a few ridiculous challenges. To unlock the third area of the factory, I was given a quest to sell a ridiculous amount of the very first item, so I had to go back and upgrade it so that it would actually be worth something. Another quest that was a bit annoying was being told to level-up an item that I quickly surpassed and having to lose time on that, instead of upgrading what I was currently selling.

The other problem I had was, the other factories are just more of the same. The only difference is the products you’re selling, but everything else is the same. I was really hoping that maybe the first factory can be set to create products for the second and that you can continue chaining them together like that. It’s not necessarily bad, just disappointing and I think that is something that can be improved upon.

Conclusion idle_factory_tycoon_food_factory

Idle Factory Tycoon is a really fun and addictive idler, it makes you check back in regularly to make sure everything is going as well as it can be. It often gives you free items and bonuses and all ads are completely voluntary. It’s a great time killer and if you wish to give a try, maybe set the alarm to make sure the entire day doesn’t pass while you’re playing. That one is from experience.

You can get the game on iOS and Android.