Identity V - Four Coralines vs. Jason Voorhees Multiplayer

February 19, 2019
Identity V - Four Coralines vs. Jason Voorhees Multiplayer
Image source: Identity V Facebook

Is it a detective game? Is it a horror game? Is it a multiplayer game? Is it all of the above? I would say it’s the one, then the other, then the other, and then it sucks you into the multiplayer loop and doesn’t let go.

I got into the game not knowing what Identity V was, I just thought it looked cool. It reminded me of Tim Burton’s Coraline with those cutesy characters with buttons where their eyes should be. Then when I started the game and found out I was going to play as a detective, I’m not sure if I was surprised or confused.

Image source: Identity V Facebook

The game started with the cutscene showing this detective that apparently had a memory loss quite some time ago. When he realized his memory is not coming back he embraced his new identity and continued working as a detective, as that was the one thing he still knew how to do. Apart from drinking excessively.

He got a letter from a man whose daughter is missing pleading him to investigate a mansion connected to her disappearance. If you’ve played any detective game in your life you would know the detectives just love exploring dark, mysterious, abandoned places for some reason. This gothic-styled mansion was no different.

Image source: Identity V Facebook

You start walking around the mansion in search for clues about what happened there. You find a weird painting, weird paper airplane, weird crack in the wall, and then the weird diary. Then you start replaying someones’ memories and at that point, you’re introduced to the button-eyed characters. That’s when I went “Oooohhhh..” and remembered what was the reason for me installing the game in the first place.

Clue by clue, you find some things out about the people that were residents in this mansion. Then another unexpected thing happened. The game went from detective to asymmetrical horror multiplayer and stayed there for the most part.

Image source: Identity V Facebook

Now you get to choose if you’re gonna play as a survivor or the hunter. Four people get to be survivors trying to escape from one hunter. Of course, you’ll unlock a bunch of different characters and skins as you go so it gets much more interesting. The levels you play on will switch every now and then so you’ll always have some new surroundings to explore.

To complete a level you need to decode few marked typewriters and then run to the gate to enter the password when the gate opens you escape. That’s if you play as a survivor. If you play as a hunter (which is bigger, faster, dumber, and looks like a psycho killer that came out of a horror movie) you have to catch the survivors, smack them twice, wrap them in balloons, carry them to the rocket chair, strap them on it and wait for them to fly away.

Image source: Identity V Apps on Google Play

Every character has different abilities so the possibilities to have fun while playing are endless. Aside from the possibility to customize every playable character, let’s not forget about the detective. The detective has skill trees you can develop to your likeness as well.

The graphics are great, the characters look amazing, and the story you uncover is interesting enough to make me want to play more of those multiplayer levels that can usually become repetitive in games. But not in this one. The stress that builds up every time a hunter is getting close to you made my heart skip a few beats. But I’m easily scared, my colleagues at GameBuz, PC, Console, and Mobile games news site would know.

You can get the game for free on Google Play or App Store.