Hitman: Sniper - Hold Your Breath And Shoot Straight

January 8, 2019
Hitman: Sniper - Hold Your Breath And Shoot Straight
Hitman Sniper

If you ever played any video game from Hitman series you are probably familiar with infamous Agent 47. This bold guy has sneaked his way into our brains with his calculated headshots, that’s why we here at GameBuz, mobile games news site recommend you to try this mobile game.

Hitman: Sniper is a shooting gallery mobile video game developed by Square Enix Montreal and is available for iOS and Android. Playing as Agent 47, you look through a sniper scope on your touchscreen device and mainly have to assassinate powerful figures.

You can pinch the device’s touchscreen to zoom on the target and then tap to fire. There is also a reload button and when tapped it activates a quick time event in which player can swipe to reload quicker and a button for slowing down your breathing before shooting.

Image Source: Hitman Sniper Apps on Google Play

Assembled at three upscale, luxury houses in Montenegro, there are some important, powerful people, and every mission's main objective is to assassinate some of them. Sounds pretty simple.

The fun starts when you get additional objectives such as the number of points you need to get before finishing the mission, or certain methods you have to use to kill the target. Just make sure not to alert their associates, if the target notices any danger they will leave the premises.

Image Source: Hitman Sniper Apps on Google Play

While it can get pretty boring looking at the same scenario, the game compensates by giving you the option for alternative methods for killing. You can shoot the glass the target is standing on letting them fall to their death, set off a car alarm to distract guards, blow up the gas tank, turn on the fans to knock enemies off cliffs.

There are many more fun ways to kill, you just have to look around and get creative.

Image Source: Hitman Sniper Apps on Google Play

As you progress more within the game, you unlock more perks that allow you to slow down time or show on the screen where the guards or your targets are. You can also acquire new guns, explosive rounds, and infinite ammunition.

There are 13 additional rifles that you unlock and assemble by gathering intel from fallen targets, with the exception of a couple that you would have to purchase. Still, you can complete your missions without them. For more competitive players there is an option to sync progress between devices through Facebook, as well as a leaderboard to track the list of top players.

Image Source: Hitman Sniper Apps on Google Play

Hitman: Sniper got many updates since the release, the biggest being Death Valley Challenge Mode. It is a zombie mode where you have to defend a human repairing his car from waves of zombies that approach him, and it has three levels of difficulty.

Image Source: Hitman Sniper Apps on Google Play

While some reviews praised the game for its minimalistic and clever puzzle design, others wanted more variety of scenarios. I will have to agree with both. It was pretty enjoyable to figure out new ways to kill and distract, although I missed the stealth of hiding the bodies from the original Hitman.

I tried not to kill civilians, even though I wouldn’t fail the mission by doing so, so the bartender running around trying to tell on me was pretty annoying.

Overall, I would have liked to have different locations for blowing people’s heads off but it was still fun practicing my sniping skills. I even held my breath before tapping, I was that determined. I recommend you to give it a shot!