Hidden Objects Game: Top 5 Games You Should Download

March 2, 2019
Hidden Objects Game: Top 5 Games You Should Download

In case you didn't know, the hidden objects game is the most overlooked genre in the gaming industry despite being one of the oldest. Available to play on consoles, mobiles and PCs, there are numerous titles out there at the most affordable prices. Still, one of the main problems remains: how to tell which HOG titles are the best of the best.

With so many titles available, it's hard to keep a sense of consistency across the genre and there's a number of factors involved. We at the GameBuz have but one main goal: to supply our readers with the best mobile games as well as the hottest mobile gaming news. Since GameBuz is your trustworthy mobile game news site, we have rounded up top 5 hidden objects game titles that are top notch.


1. Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

Pirates and puzzles are quite enough to tickle your imagination. If you are among those who were extremely disappointed with Uncharted 4 due to its poor pirating backdrop and absolute lack of supernatural swashbuckling, brace yourself for a real impact as Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart hits harder than you expect. This phone game has you covered completely.

From the most pirate-like feel ever to the classic Mahjong mini-game features, you'll constantly be up on your toes. Jovial delight, atmosphere-rich scenes, every minute you spend playing this awesome game will be more than precious.

On top of all that, there are quite a few moments when things get a bit spooky but that's just to keep you on top of your game. Tuck into a fun Mahjong mini-game and break up your gameplay with harmless block shuffling in the neatest way. This phone game is available for Android, iOS as well as PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


2. Morphopolis

When it comes to the best mobile phone games, we can't but mention Morphopolis. This game is available for Android and it’s the very summit of artistic breadth and the technical power of developers. Welcome to the most wonderful world of fauna. Here, everything is like in the real world. Thunderstorms cause trees to catch fire, while wind makes the grass sway.

Still, that's just the tip of the iceberg as this phone game has such sights to show you. Morphopolis invites you in its mesmerizing and enchanting micro-cosmos of shrubbery and sprouts and it does it with such fidelity that you'll actually think that you have wandered into an unknown world.

Every frame of this majestic and splendid mobile game is worthy of modern art galleries which makes Morphopolis one of those must have Android games. The artistic hypnotism alone will get you hooked but then you have engaging gameplay, you won't get completely overshadowed by such magnificent visuals.


3. True Fear: Forsaken Souls

Hidden objects games are everything but scary so it's quite an accomplishment to make a HOG genuinely scary. While HOG as a genre is almost devoid of animation, True Fear: Forsaken Souls is an example of a standout game. An impressive and most amazing scream-worthy experience mixed with deeply unsettling emotions make this title one of the best choices when you want to play a mobile game.

It delivers more frights and scares than those flashy and insanely expensive horror games. The main values of this game are paranoia and suspense and, while it sounds like a classic horror cliche, it isn't. You'll be drawn into the world of macabre and death while you need to solve the most engrossing puzzles. So, get ready for a whole lot of spooks and scares.


4. The Room Two

The Room Two has nothing to do with that movie The Room, just to be clear here. Instead, Fireproof Games bring you their final effort in the form on an incredibly addictive puzzle game. In fact, The Room Two is considered to be the next best thing in the series of mobile games that simulate an actual escape room. If you love complex labyrinths, ancient crypts, puzzles, mysticism, menace, and mystery as well as spooky and moody atmosphere, you'll love this game.

This is definitely one of the most outstanding tech mobile games that drives you to make the most of your nearby resources and wits to solve problems. Contextual riddles, complex environmental puzzles, The Room Two has it all.


5. Hidden Folks

Do you like hand-drawn cartoons? If your answer is yes, Hidden Folks will have you glued to the screen of your mobile device without any doubt. There's a good reason why Hidden Folks is considered to be one of the best mobile phone games.

It's bubbling with life, bursting with detail, and it's so filled with micro-narratives that you'll spend most of your time trying to locate the most obscure objects while being lost in a sea of pixels.

With splendid artistry and incredible details, Hidden Folks is the best example of what a hidden object game is all about: an extended appreciation for a forensic study of every game detail until you solve the challenge.


We at GameBuz are a bunch of gamers and gaming enthusiasts, always on the run for the freshest and most amazing mobile phone games. Stay tuned for more mobile gaming news coming your way.