'HELP: The Game' Is a New Mobile Charity Game App

December 2, 2018
'HELP: The Game' Is a New Mobile Charity Game App
Image source: "HELP: The Game" official site

A new mobile game app 'HELP: The game' is a collection of 5 different addicting puzzle games available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. The most interesting thing about this game is that it is donating 100% of net proceeds to War child UK charity organization.

HELP is created by Wooga, Gameloft, Playstack, Sports Interactive, Featherweight Games, Rovio, goGame and Diva and it consists of 5 mobile games and one more to come. The app can be purchased for $2.99 upfront and you'll get a chance to partake in the noble cause.

Puzzle games that come in the initial package are: 'Rupert, Sell 'Em Don't Break 'Em', 'Fifty Buddies', 'Inish Ciúb', 'Mediocre Housekeeping' and 'Tickets Please'. And the title that is coming soon is 'BlockAid'.

Rupert, Sell 'Em Don't Break 'Em - From the creators from Jelly Splash comes Rupert, a cute blue elephant working as an assistant in the porcelain store.

Fifty Buddies - Created by Asphalt Racing, 50 jelly buddies are running around in loops and your job is to control them while trying to avoid wrecking balls, ejector buttons and more.

Inish Ciúb - A tile-matching game from the creators of Angry birds is presenting the puzzle where you use bees, flowers, weeds, and bears. Simply put, this is an addicting game with a fun design.

Mediocre Housekeeping - The creators of Rodeo Stampede came up with a "lazy" physics game, where you have to sort your laundry on the shelves without them falling off, by throwing them across the screen.

Tickets Please – Football Manager creators made a casual time-based game, where you are in charge of a ticket inspector. His job is to check passenger's tickets on the train correctly.

So if you are in pursuit of new Android games or new iOS games, you can enjoy playing these fun games for mobile, while doing an honorable job by helping children all over the globe.

War Child is an international charity organization, with main offices in UK, Holland, and Canada and more in US, Sweden, Ireland, and Australia. Their goal is to help children endangered by wars around the World. War Child is founded in 1993 by David Wilson and Bill Leeson after their witnessing of consequences war had on children in Yugoslavia.

"We are committed to protecting and supporting children affected by armed conflict. We empower them to claim their rights, develop to their full potential and contribute to a peaceful future for themselves and their communities. Together we help children and young people make their voices heard", the organization explains on their website.